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Diep.io Spike Tank, Stats & Guide


Diep.io Spike Tank Guide It requires 45 level. Spike tank upgrades from only Smasher. The tank’s diep.io grade is 4th. The tank has a circular body and does not have any barrels. The normal Smasher is faster than Spike but not by much. The view of

Diep.io Battleship Tank, Class; Stats & Guide


Diep.io Battleship Tank, Class Guide It requires 45 level. Battleship upgrades from Overseer and Twin Flank.The tank’s tier is 4. The tank has a circular body with four trapezium barrels. The view of the tank is similar to Twin Flank but its

Diep.io Gunner Trapper, Class; Stats & Guide


Diep.io Gunner Trapper Tank, Class Guide It requires 45 level. It upgrades from Trapper and Gunner The tier is 4 It is a member of trapper class.A tank is based circular body. Gunner Trapper has three barrels.This tank can fire front and back side

Diep.io Mega Trapper Tank, Class; Stats & Guide


Diep.io Mega Trapper Tank, Class Guide It requires 45 level. It is a member of trapper class. Their bullets are strong, slow and shooting with large triangles . Bullet’s shooting range is too short. Its bullets have more recoil than the Trapper class but less than the