Diep.io Penta Shot Class; Stats & Guide

Diep.io Penta Shot Tank, Class Guide It requires 45 level. It throws 5 bullets to targeted enemy. It has the same feature of triplet tank but it has some differences. Its range of right and left side is more wider than twin and

Diep.io Triplet Class; Stats & Guides

Diep.io Triplet Tank, Class Guide It requires 45 level. It is a automatic firearms class which is the most useful. Its bullet range is short but bullets damage powerfully. Stats First “Diep.io Triplet Tactic“ Health Regen to 2 pick Max Health to

Diep.io Mods Elite Chrome

Diep.io, Diepio A plug-in works more stable with chrome web browser.You do not need to install any other utility for mods. diepioPlay.com will update our chrome plugin on a regular basis. Therefore, you can use continuous current version.A plugin is for you if

Diep.io Mods Version 3.5

A plugin is for you if you want to earn more points in the game. Your hands will remain free with automatic fire. In addition, you will not have to write the name of tanks continuously.Auto-start (respawning) feature will give you speed the

Diep.io Team Deathmatch Mode Published

Diep.io Team Deathmatch Mod Guide [TAB] is keyword for entering team mode as you can seen in the pictures. Red “diep.io“ tanks Vs Blue “diep.io“ tanks. Do not hit your own team players. Your team purpose is killing teams in other color.

Diep.io Minimap Updating

Diep.io Minimap Guide You are triangle with gray color. Square Map At minimap center there are big blue rocks.