What is Diep.io Game?


  • What is Diep.io?

Diep.io is a game war of tanks and has been increasing its popularity day by day. It has a lot of players from different countries. The aim of the players is to hit enemy tanks with bullets. Players need to increase the level of their tanks to kill other tanks. If you have Diep.io lag problem, you should change your web browser.

  • How to Upgrade Level of Tank?

Players can hit figures or shapes for developing tank level. Figures give experiences that are yellow squares, red triangles, and blue pentagons. Yellow square brings 5 exp (experience), red triangles 25 exp (experience),  blue pentagons 120 exp (experience). You shoot blue pentagons would be better to raise the speed of level your tanks. You are 28 levels until you will gain experience at every level developing. After your level reached 28, you will gain experience in every development of 3 levels. Shortly, you can gain experience at 30-33-36-39-42-45 levels.

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  • Skill Types

1.Health Regen – You only regenerate health.
2.Max Health – You can take more bullets.
3.Body Damage – You ram into an enemy with your body power.
4.Bullet Speed – Increases bullets fly to enemies.
5.Bullet Penetration – Enemies your bullets can pass through at a time and boxes.
6.Bullet Damage – Damage each bullet hitting.
7.Reload – Firing speed, more bullets
8.Movement Speed – How fast you move.

  • What is Farming Area?

The farming area is located in the middle of the map. There are smaller blue pentagons around the large blue pentagons. The farming area was made for players’ level faster improvements. Large and developed tanks, which are 45 levels, can come here to raise scores in the leaderboard. There are pink triangles, which are middle and small in size, protect this area from tanks.


  • Types of Diep.io Tanks

There are many tanks and classes in the game. Everyone up to level 15 when starting the game they have the same class. Players can choose a class and types of tank every 15 levels. Shortly, players can select or change their tanks at 15, 30, and 45 levels. You find the class guide ‘Diep.io classes’.

  • Mods of Diep.io

Diep.io has four types of game modes which are Mothership, Domination, Team DM (team deathmatch), and FFA (free for all).
Mothership Mode: Red “Diep.io“ tanks Vs Blue “Diep.io“ tanks with mother tank which has a very large body and strong health range.
Domination Mode: The competition between the two teams, powerful guns that will destroy any enemies nearby. Red vs Blue teams aim to get enemy bases like capture the flag.
Team DM Mode: There are two teams which are Red “Diep.io“ tanks Vs Blue “Diep.io“ tanks.
FFA Mode: Everyone fights alone in the game.

  • Why Big & Strong Yellow Tanks Attack My Tank

These tanks have to destroy all the players on the map when the game is going to reset. You should not try to kill them because they are immortal. Their names are Arena Closer.

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