Diep.io Console Is For The Input Of Commands

diep.io console

Were you aware of the Diep.io console? Had to not know about it you do now. You require need to press the Home button that is present on the game’s main screen! With the use of this console, you have the option of changing the color of the background, changing the color of your tanks, changing the color of the enemy tanks, and more.

Accessing Diep.io Console

The Diep.io console is accessible by pressing the Home button and it is going to come into view at the summit of the screen. It functions similar to Chrome Developer Tools, in which you have the option of putting diverse codes that are capable of customizing the Diep.io online game, typically for coloring as well as rendering. You require Pressing Home another time for closing Console. Reloading of the page removes every one of the commands and thus you must input them another time. The console is unable to be activated on tablets/ phones as there isn’t any Home key on the keyboards.

diep.io console

Diep.io Console Commands

con_toggle – This Toggles the Diep.io console on/ off

game_spawn {name} spawns using the given name, on being likely

Help: This Prints out help text

lb_reconnect: This Disconnects from the present server and finds a fresh server

net_replace_color {id} {hex} for substituting any color from the system color table

net_replace_colors {hex1} {hex2} for substituting colors from the system color table sequentially

ui_replace_colors {hex1}{hex2}for substituting colors from “UI color palette board” in sequence

A point to be noted is that Color Commands is going to alter it to default. Modify the Hexadecimal colors for inputting your personal. (HEX Colors happen to be 0xRRGGBB with RR being a hexadecimal representation of the red value, GG being the hexadecimal representation of the Green value, and BB being the hexadecimal representation of the blue value. They have got to be a couple of digits, thus you can insert a zero in the foremost value for making it that.)

Some Color Commands & Their Descriptions

net_replace_color 0 0x555555: Smasher & Dominator Bases

net_replace_color 1 0x999999:  Spawners, Launchers, Barrels, & Auto Turrets

net_replace_color 3 0x00B1DE:  Blue Team

net_replace_color 2 0x00B1DE:  Body (You)

net_replace_color 5 0xBE7FF5:  Purple Team

net_replace_color 4 0xF14E54: Red Team

net_replace_color 6 0xD68163: Green Team (the Making of Green Team Brown, as had been formerly)

net_replace_color 6 0x00F46C:  Green Team

net_replace_color 9 0xFC7677:  Triangle

net_replace_color 8 0xFFE869: Square

net_replace_color 11 0xFF77DC:  Crashers

net_replace_color 10 0x768DFC: Pentagon

net_replace_color 12 0xFFE869: Neutral Dominators/ Arena Closers/Defender Ammo

net_replace_color 14 0xBBBBBB is for Maze Walls

net_replace_color 13 0x44FFA0 is for Scoreboard

net_replace_color 16 0xFF0000 is for beckoned Squares (Necromancer)

net_replace_color 15 0xFF0000 is for Others (FFA)

ren_background_color 0xCDCDCD is for Background

net_replace_color 17 0xFF0000 is for Fallen Bosses

There are more and you just require inserting them in the Diep.io console.

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