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diep.io free game

Who said you have to part with money to play the Diep.io game online? Well, just like other online .io games, gamers can also play Diep.io game for free. Diep.io free game provides tank war game to all players on the Internet.

About Diep.io Free Game

Diep.io game is a free online multiplayer game that involves destroying enemies. Your main task when playing the game is to control a small and weak tank until it develops into the largest item by destroying other opponents. This means that it somehow shares the same features as the Slither.io game. However, the main difference is that when playing Diep.io free game, you need to show some wonderful skills dodging and dashing at the right time for you to survive and develop.

Tricks and Tips for Playing Diep.io Game

Knowing a few useful tricks and tips can go a long way when it comes to playing Diep.io free game. Make use of the following tips and you will be better placed to destroy your enemies, get more shapes, become more developed, and win more XP points.

diep.io free game

  • Shooting backward is a very good scheme especially when you are moving for superfluous speed because the recoil is going to propel you forward and help you move even faster.
  • Avoid focusing on killing other players when the game has just started. Instead, try spending much of your time and effort shooting down the obstacles. This is because obstacles can really distract you and prevent you from killing many enemies. So, you need to do away with most of theM first.
  • Pink triangles are homing shots from your enemies. So, you should be careful about them.
  • When you are coming to level 30, it’s advisable that you focus on advancing a Triple rather than trying to collect stat points.
  • Try not to stay too long at your first transformation, which is level 15. Instead, go ahead and upgrade a Twin. Next, go ahead and max out the Reload and Bullet Damage.

Playing Diepio Free Gameplay

Before you can start controlling a tank, which is a blue circle with some small square attached to it, you need to type your username first in Diep.io free game. You can then control a tank and shoot down visible obstacles, including pentagons, triangles, and squares. Use the mouse to move and aim at every target. To attain enough XP for a bar so you can level up, tap the space bar or left mouse. To shoot continuously at your enemies, hold either the mouse or Spacebar.

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