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Diep.io Mothership Mode Released


The new diep.io game mode was released. Today, we will talk about diep.io mothership mode.

  • [TAB] is keyword for entering diep.io mothership mode as you can seen in diep.io main webpage.
  • Red “diep.io tanks Vs Blue “diep.io tanks with mother tank which has very large body and strong health range.
  • Players need to destroy the enemy mothership while keeping theirs alive.
  • In each team, a player gains control of the mothership.
  • Mother tanks move slowly compared tanks of players.
  • Mother tanks have a defensive triangles against enemies.When enemies come up to your mother tank, your mother tank attack to enemies with its triangles.
  • You can not hit your own team players.
  • Your team purpose is killing teams in other color.

Diep.io Mothership Tactics:

Tanks should be selected with multi-shot mode such as Triple Twin, Octo Tank or Penta Shot because the mothership mode has small map in the game.In addition, bullet speed and power play a important role in this game.You should be able to kill more people with bullet damage.Movement speed is very important because you will be exposed to a lot of bullets and triangles of mother tank attacking.However, body damage, health regen are not significant advantage compared bullet features.
diep.io mothership


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  1. eu amo esse jogo
    mas agora a pouco eu acho que era 16:13 eu m,atei sem querer um cara eu estava no nivel 30 e fui para o nivel 45 eu estava em 4 lugar esse jogo travou e eu morri e num sei baixar hack ou seja eu queria baixar hack num consegui e me esforcei para chegar no nivel 30 e ate passei desse nivel eu aproveitei por alguns segundos e depois morri por causa dessa droga de
    jogo travou e vou ter começar do nivel 22 mas ai eu morri e vou ter que começar do nivel 14 mas ai eu vim comentar e vou ter que começar do nivel 1

  2. this is good mod because it is the same feature teamdm but it is very incredible with mothertanks xD

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