Diep.io Spike Tank Guide

diep.io spike


  • It requires 45 levels.
  • Spike tank upgrades from only Smasher. The tank’s Diep.io grade is 4th.
  • The tank has a circular body and does not have any barrels.
  • The normal Smasher is faster than Spike but not by much.
  • The view of the tank is similar to Landmine but its curves which surrounded its body with twelve black spikes which turn very quickly are too sharp compared to Landmine.
  • It does not have barrel skins because its weapon is its body that is clearly a body damage-based tank.
  • You can upgrade the Spike tank’s skill with Body Damage, Health Regen, Max Health, and Movement Speed ten times instead of seven times.
  • Generally, the skills are slightly higher than other classes inasmuch as it may have extra 3 times skills such as Health Regen or Movement Speed compared to other classes.
  • Its disadvantage is that Spike does not have barrels, so a lot of tanks in Diep.io, which have barrels, can attack from far away to Spike tanks easily.



First “Diep.io Spike Tactic”

1. Health Regen to 3 pick
2. Max Health to 10 pick
3. Body Damage to 10 pick
4. Movement Speed to 10 pick

With this selection, you can attack all enemies with ease because you have the best skills for defence and attack in the game. If we analyze this subject widely, you have 10 times skills for Max Health and Body Damage compared to other classes inasmuch as other classes have 7 times for these skills instead of 10 times. However, you do not have enough Health Regen level to fill life quickly, so you need to keep it under control and observation for your health level.

Second “Diep.io Spike Tactic”


1. Health Regen to 7 pick
2. Max Health to 7 pick
3. Body Damage to 9 pick
4. Movement Speed to 10 pick

With this selection, you have high-level health skills against enemies that’s why you can attack enemies without thinking. You need to take care of body damage-based tanks because you do not have powerful body damage out of 10. In addition, body damage-based tanks Landmine and others have 10 body damage probably.


The new tank has more skills point features against Necromancer, Booster and somebody damage focused tanks. Thus, you can pick extra 3 points to 4 skills as you know if you select to play spike tank  In addition, you need to attack enemies closely because it does have bullets, so you can not play in crowded game modes. We recommend playing that Spike is the most effective tank in Maze Mode because the walls help to chase and compress the enemies to the corner side. You need to be careful of other body damage-based tanks because maybe they have more health and damage skills than you when you are using the second “Diep.io Spike Tactic” as we previously mentioned above. Alternative to this tank is the Diep.io factory tank.

Strong against: Auto Trapper, Predator, Ranger, Stalker, Battleship

Weak against: Overlord, Triplet, Auto Gunner, Annihilator, Hybrid

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