Diep.io Auto Smasher Tank Guide

diep.io auto smasher

The tank id for the Diep.io auto smasher tank is 54 and it belongs to tier 4 of the game. The tank has been upgraded from the smasher tanks as well and is the latest update for these tanks.

This is one of the three upgrades, which are made available to players when they cross-level 45 and are branching out from the smasher type of tanks. To ace the game it is important to understand the design and technicalities of your tank. Here we are going to guide you about the auto smasher tank, which is you use for the game.

 Design Of Diep.io Auto Smasher

Diep.io auto smasher has a circular body and is placed on a hexagon base, which is black in color. This is similar to the smasher except for the additional single auto turret that is added at the middle of the body. The design is basically a smasher that has an auto turret attached to it. The players can easily use this tank for fighting against most of the other tanks, which are there on the gaming interface.

diep.io auto smasher

The auto turret for the auto smasher cannot be controlled with your mouse and the recoil for this turret is extremely light. If it is not used for shooting then the auto turret continues to slowly rotate. All the stats of the tank retain the maximum level of 10 for this particular type of tank. The tank’s bullet stat can be viewed from the upgrade menu.

Diepio Automatic Smasher Strategy

Diep.io auto smasher is very effective against any slow-moving tank and the tanks, which have slow, fire rates. However, it is rendered weak against the fast tanks, and the tanks with focused fire options. The tanks, which have high health stats, are also effective against the auto smasher. Alternative to this tank is the Diep.io triple twin tank.

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