Diep.io Triple Twin Tank Guide

diep.io triple twin

Diep.io is one of the most popular games that are being played worldwide. The tanks that you can use here have several different designs and functions.  Today, we are going to give you some insight into the Diep.io triple twin tank and how you can master using it. This is a tank that you can use when you reach level 45 at the least. This is one of the two upgraded versions, which you can get from the twin flanks category.

Design Of Triple Twin

The tank id of this particular tank is 21 and it belongs to tier 4 in Diep.io. This has been upgraded from the twin flank and the weapon used by this tank is cannon. It has a round base, which features 3 pairs of 2 barrels, which are evenly spaced and angled at 120 degrees to each other. This is more like three twin tanks being merged together into one.

The Technicalities

This upgrade has been equipped with two other barrels giving it a fifth and sixth barrel for firing. This is an upgraded form of the twin, which has a number of benefits and advantages associated with it. Also, the major benefit is that the bullet damage has been decreased for the Diep.io triple twin tank after the upgrade.

diep.io triple twin

Diep.io Triple Twin Strategy

Diep.io triple twin tank is particularly strong against the multiple enemy tanks and hence can survive attacks from different sides at the same time. The rate of fire and the low penetration of this tank make it a strong choice for the game. However, this tank is rather weak against tanks with higher damage per second rates. Sprayers, triplets, assassins, and hunter branches are the perfect choice against Diep.io triple twin tank. This tank however has lots of crowd control capability and hence this is a preferred tank among gamers who already have reached level 45. Alternative to this tank is the Diep.io auto smasher tank.

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