Diep.io Hybrid Tank Guide

diep.io hybrid

Diep.io Hybrid Tank


  • It requires 45 levels.
  • It is a member of the machinegun class.
  • It attacks with two automatic triangles and big bullets
  • Two triangles increase your strength with a defensive triangle against overseer classes.
  • The big bullets provide movement speed to the tank if you go backward.



First “Diep.io Hybrid Tactic”

  1. Health Regen to 2 pick
  2. Max Health to 3 pick
  3. Body Damage to 0 pick
  4. Bullet Speed to 7 pick
  5. Bullet Penetration to 7 pick
  6. Bullet Damage to 7 pick
  7. Reload to 7 pick
  8. Movement Speed to 0 pick

With this selection, you can win one-to-one wars. In addition, triangles will protect you from body damage. You can attack with high damage and high penetration with good bullet speed also your health is enough for wars.

Second “Diep.io Hybrid Tactic”

  1. Health Regen to 7 pick
  2. Max Health to 7 pick
  3. Body Damage to 7 pick
  4. Bullet Speed to 0 pick
  5. Bullet Penetration to 0 pick
  6. Bullet Damage to 0 pick
  7. Reload to 5 pick
  8. Movement Speed to 7 pick

With this selection, you can attack from next. You don’t need to attack from far but you need to use body damage which kills enemies with a single touch.

Tactical gameplay mode: The diep.io hybrid tank will be most effective in Domination mode. We describe it in more detailed ways, a lot of players use a Hybrid tank in domination mode because they take advantage of the confusion in-game with effective bullets. In addition, a lot of players select low-level health features (ex; health regen and max health) at the domination mode. Therefore, Hybrids gain more points in the game. Another unique feature is that having a great and effective stroke to base defenders. Hence, a Hybrid tank makes it to easier capture bases. We recommend you play this tank in Domination mode. Alternative to this tank is the Diep.io X hunter tank.

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  1. Hello mates, fastidious post and good arguments commented here, I am truly enjoying by these.

  2. umm yeah hybrid is good but booster and the ner landmine i do think might be tiny be better..

  3. I think the hybrid is one of the best tanks to use in the mother ship game mode. It does high damage and has drones to fight with it too. I recommend being the machine gun until you get to level 45 to upgrade to the hybrid.

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