Diep.io Battleship Tank Guide

diep.io battleship

Diep.io Battleship Tank, Class


  • It requires 45 levels.
  • Battleship upgrades from Overseer and Twin Flank. The tank’s tier is 4.
  • The tank has a circular body with four trapezium barrels.
  • The view of the tank is similar to Twin Flank but its barrels are more oblique, shorter, and thicker than it.
  • Its barrels are termed Spawners which are a type of weapon that summon drones, protectors, and crashers. In addition, they are shooting unlimited drones.
  • Two spawners will spawn controllable drones and the other two spawners are uncontrollable protectors.
  • Players can attack with triangles (drones) to enemies with four barrels.
  • The drones of Battleship have a short life that has 3 seconds per drone.
  • The offensive action is possible with triangles that do not have a number limit of shooting but the drones have a lifespan which we talked about.



First “Diep.io Battleship Tactic”

1. Health Regen to 2 pick
2. Max Health to 3 pick
3. Body Damage to 0 pick
4. Bullet Speed to 4 pick
5. Bullet Penetration to 6 pick
6. Bullet Damage to 7 pick
7. Reload to 4 pick
8. Movement Speed to 7 pick

With this selection, you have effective drones against their features so you can attack Necromancer and Booster classes. Players can gain more points compared to other classes because your bullets are more overwhelming to the level development units.

Second “Diep.io Battleship Tactic”

1. Health Regen to 7 pick
2. Max Health to 6 pick
3. Body Damage to 0 pick
4. Bullet Speed to 1 pick
5. Bullet Penetration to 5 pick
6. Bullet Damage to 7 pick
7. Reload to 7 pick
8. Movement Speed to 0 pick

First of all, you can attack enemies well. You have a chance to attack with strong and rapid bullets to enemies so you don’t need to escape if you use your drones which are uncontrollable and controllable. However, there is a disadvantage that you can not run away if powerful enemies attack you such as Overlord, Destroyer, Triplet, and so on.



The new tank has a durable defensive feature against Necromancer, Booster, and other body damage-focused tanks. Therefore, Battleship is the most effective tank in Diep.io FFA and Domination Mode. In addition, you should attack enemies closely because their bullets have a limited lifespan which is 3 seconds in the game. Besides, it will be a deficit for you if you remotely shoot diep.io players because its bullet is not effective for long-distance. Alternative to this tank is the Diep.io annihilator tank.

Strong against: Necromancer, Boosters with Bullet Damage focused builds.

Weak against: Overlord, Destroyer, Auto 5, Triplet, other Battleships, tanks with Body Damage focused builds such as Smasher, Landmine, Destroyer.

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