Diep.io Summoner Tank

diep.io summoner

Diep.io Summoner is referred to as the Boss that is AI-controlled and has a behavior like that of Fallen Overlord and the guardian. However, it has a square form and summons feebler Necromancer Drones. Moreover, it’s yellow color bears resemblance to Arena Closer. This has been incorporated in Diep.io on the 19th of August 2016.

Diep.io Summoner As One Of The Bosses

The Diep.io summoner has the opportunity to spawn between 10 and13 minutes following the starting of a server, and between 15 and 23 minutes following the destroying of the preceding Boss. Diep.io summoner happens to be the sole square Boss that’s been created in this game. Though it’s like Necromancer, it’s just alike with its square form, since it has the habit of spawning drones for itself as the Battleship does. “Summoner” never takes a Square as among its Drones on bumping into it.

diep.io summoner

The Design Of Diep.io Summoner

Its body is square and has a yellow color, its size is that of a Dominator, and it has four Spawners that are evenly spaced and that spawn the feebler Necromancer Drones. The entire unit appears as if a blend between the Overlord and Necromancer classes, though a great deal larger.

The Drone Speed of Diep.io summoner is somewhat greater than that of the normal Necromancer’s. Similar to “Necromancer” it has drones that have a square form and not triangles. Drones have a habit of spawning at a frequency of 6/second and this pace can easily overpower nearby players. Every single drone has approximately 50 HP and thus “Summoner’s” firepower is similar to that of a Machine Gun having Bullet Damage, maxed Reload, and Bullet Penetration. The behavior of the drones is similar in a way to those of “Fallen Overlord.”

Diepio Summoner Stats

It’s a health pool’s 3,000 HP even if it regenerates health incredibly slowly. This tank features four Spawners. Moreover, it has a superior reload rate compared to a maxed Overlord. On the other hand, this boss’s Movement Speed is very slow. It is going to regenerate its entire health on being unharmed for a duration of 30 seconds. Alternative to this boss tank is the Diep.io developer tank.

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