Diep.io Maze Game Mode

diep.io maze

Diep.io Maze Game Mode


  • Diep.io Maze Mode is a new game mode because developers of Diep.io replaced the new mode from Mothership Mode to Maze Mode.
  • Maze is an exclusive game mode that has similar rules, which are scoreboard and level system, compared to FFA (Free For All). Thus, all players are single because there are not any teams such as red, blue, and so on.
  • The purpose of the players in the Maze Mode is trying to collect or gain the highest score. Also, they need to be top of the scoreboard without dying as long as possible.
  • The walls are enclosed, so Diep.io tanks and bullets can not pass through walls. In addition, they need to find a route that will be correct for their level upgrading strategy.
  • There are a lot of walls that conduct the ways to roam tanks on the map. The special name of the map is labyrinth or maze in the real life.
  • Players can see the location of their tanks and walls in the mini-map which facilitates the navigation of players during the game.
  • Escape from enemies is the most difficult in this game mode because of the massive walls which constrict the roads.

diepio mazemod

Diep.io Maze Mode Strategy 

Firstly, the best tactic is using the minimap because it eases the direction-finding in the game. There are a lot of different types of tanks, which are tier 3 tanks and tier 4 tanks in the game, so people need to use minimap when they have tier 1 or tier 2 tanks. You must not remain between the two tanks because they may have stronger than you. In addition, they may use the walls to capture you. 

The most effective tip in this mode is to utilize a build that allows you to easily corner other players. The branches that are the strongest in the order of strongness are; Penta Shot, Triplet, Ranger, Necromancer, Overlord, Auto Gunner, and Landmine. You need to be careful of body damage-based tanks because they have high movement speed and damage, so they will use the direction of walls to capture you easily.

Alternative to this game mode is the Diep.io domination mode.

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