How To Do Invisibility? invisibility

There are many facts related to the game One of the most important aspects of the game is invisibility. Invisibility in the game is the same as invisibility in English, which means the player will not be visible to the others, who are playing the game in the same arena. We will describe features of invisibility below.

Features Of Invisibility

Many people claim that if they can use invisibility, they can pass the world record. Game developers of presented the tanks with this feature to the players in the game. Not everybody can use the option of invisibility, and it can be used only by the manager, the stalker, and the landmine, and it is generally used for the purpose of deception. It is also a defensive technique in order to evade the other enemies.

Invisibility doesn’t happen with your tank almost every time, and it only happens, when you are not playing the game for a long period of time, which means you are stationary. It also happens when you are not fighting any of your opponents. The invisibility vanishes, which means you will again be visible, as soon as you are shooting. Invisibility

Other Facts About Diepio Invisibility

If you want to know that whether you are invisible in the arena or not, you will have to look at your own tank, and you see that your tank will become translucent when you have invisible. Apart from it, you can also find the health bar below your tank. A new update came on 11 August, and after that, you cannot see the outline, when you are visible. Before the update, it is visible. As soon as you start moving, invisibility becomes visibility. But if you move a very small distance, your invisibility will be retained.

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