Diep.io 2 Teams & 4 Teams Game Modes

diep.io 2 teams

Diep.io 2 Teams & 4 Teams Game Modes


  • You will see playing mode options when you enter the game.
  • There are 2 different playing modes which are Diep.io 2 teams and 4 teams.
  • 2 Teams Mode is a conventional Diep.io team deathmatch mode that contains Red Team versus Blue Team.
  • 4 Teams Mode is a new Diep.io team deathmatch mode that includes Red Team, Blue Team, Green Team, and Purple Team.
  • Do not hit your own team players.
  • Your team’s purpose is killing teams in other colors.


Differences between Dieo.io 2 Teams and 4 Teams Modes

In 2 teams mode has 2 teams which are red and blue which are attacking other colors. For example, red tanks are attacking blue tanks. When you play 2 teams mode, it will be easy to develop your level because there will be a lot of teammates. Therefore, you can reach 45 level tanks which are 4 tier Diep.io tanks such as Annihilator, Battleship, OverTrapper, Auto Gunner, and so on.

In 4 teams mode has 4 teams which are red, blue, green, and purple that are shooting other colors. For instance, purple tanks are attacking other colors. In a similar manner, red tanks are rushing other colors. You can not level up readily in the 4 teams mode because there are many different enemies on the map. In addition, they want to kill you for gaining points from you. You need to be careful of landmine and other Diep.io tanks which are using drones such as Overlord, Necromancer, Manager, and so on. Another game mode is Diep.io survival mode.


At the bottom, you will see purple tanks VS blue tanks. I played with blue tank one in this picture. I think this mode is enjoyable for players who want to play with teammates but there are some problems like; if too many bullets in the war area, you will have a laggy game.

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