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In the game, the Dominator, which is also known as Domination Turret or Turret, is a huge tank in domination game mode. This is a mode where if your squad is successful in capturing all the Dominators, your squad emerges as the winner. From the update on August the 25th, dominator has remained a playable entity. Dominator

If your squad is successful in capturing a dominator, be the speediest to press on the ”H” key one time without spamming for gaining control of the dominator. Such tanks are also playable in the game’s Sandbox game. In this mode, the players have the option of playing as the lesser-sized varieties of the 3 forms of dominators. Dominators happen to be amongst the greatest units in this game apart from defunct level 140 Mothership, Arena Closers, and bosses. This boss tank is the fastest tank. dominator

All Dominators – Stats

Dominators are unable to move (barring the trivial movement of Trapper Dominator as well as the Sandbox editions) and are characterized by 6148 health points for each dominator with feeble healing factors. Notable points are the increase in health by 2 /level, like additional tanks, there are no upgrades to it and its base health of 6000. “Regeneration rate’ is identical for every dominator. Their area that vision cover is somewhat greater compared to the Sniper. Each and every single dominator, among which are the sandbox editions, does not suffer any recoil.

3 Forms Of Dominators

They are the trapper dominator, Gunner Dominator, and destroyer dominator.

  1. Trapper Dominator – Its FOV is approximately identical to the Hunter’s. Eight Launchers surround it. It boasts of a trap speed that’s greater compared to that of a Tri-Trapper that has maxed, with its trap health & damage being about identical to that of a maxed Trapper.
  2. Gunner Dominator – Its FOV is approximately that of “Hunter’ & its upgrades. It features three front cannons, a high reload, and normal bullet speed. On the other hand, its bullet penetration & damage are low.
  3. Destroyer Dominator – Its FOV is somewhat greater compared to that of Sniper. It features a single front cannon and incredibly high Bullet Damage & Penetration. Its bullet size is that of a Hybrid.  Yet, it’s Reload & Bullet Speed are not as high as that of a Hybrid / Destroyer.

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