Diep.io New Update Info

diep.io new update

For all of you who are no familiar with the game no matter what the reason is, Diep.io is amongst the older of the series of io games. You play this game in the form of a tank and you try and work your way about the map destroying a range of shapes and further players for gaining XP. Below we discuss Diep.io and a Diep.io new update.

Diep.io New Update

Having had acquired sufficient XP you do level up. This presents you with attribute points for spending on various stats. A new developer has brought the game community with a ray of hope with much-required updates! We discuss one such Diep.io new update in the section below. Till fairly recently, the game community has been fairly skeptical regarding this game’s future and the key reason was insufficient updates/interest in this game from its original developer. However, the new update that we mentioned above is likely to change all that.
You can easily check the new updates to the Diep.io game on the Diep.io changelog page.

Diep.io New Update: Survival Mode

Survival mode’s the Diep.io new update. It is a tremendously hardcore game mode where a player is granted no more than a single life in a game. As soon a player dies he/she is out of that game and he/she is not going to respawn till the game after that. There is a feeling among the experts and players of this game that is recent game mode could bring about a number of marathon rage sessions.

diep.io new update

Another Fresh Game Mechanic

In Diep.io, if that had not been sufficient, there is a fresh game mechanic, as well. With the game progressing the floor commences to get darker, and with the death of every player, the region in which the shapes happen to spawn does get smaller. The result is that the playing field shrinks, players get closer together and things get speedier.

The single life rule that has been mentioned above adds to the pace even more and makes lives even shorter and players are never going to spawn into a powerhouse of level 200  that has been playing on for some hours ahead of your arrival.

Playing This Diep.io Update

Survival happens to be live for all and sundry. You have the option of playing it for yourself by merely selecting the green-colored ‘Survival’ button. You will find this button at the summit of your monitor as soon as you turn up at the website.

That’s practically everything, as of now, and hopefully, you’re going to give this Diep.io new update a try. You can be assured that it is rather intense and yet much fun.

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