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Diep.io Tanks, Classes; Updates & Levels

Diep.io Tanks, Classes Tanks and Features Machine Gun Minigun Mode, reloading is fast aganst other same levels (15 Level) Gunner 4 mini shots. It has 4 and small bullets (30 Level) — Destroyer You can kill enemy tanks with one shoot needing high

What is Diep.io

What is Diep.io Diep.io which is a game war of tanks and has been increasing the popularity day by day.It has a lot of players from different countries.Aim of the players is to hit enemy tanks with bullets.Players need to increase the level

Diep.io Hybrid Tank, Class; Stats & Guide

Diep.io Hybrid Tank, Class Guide It requires 45 level. It is a member of machinegun class. It atacks with two automatic triangles and big bullets Two triangles increase your strength with defensive triangle against overseer classes. The big bullets provide movement speed to

Diep.io Booster & Fighter Tank, Class; Stats

Diep.io Booster Tank, Class Guide It requires 45 level. It is a member of tri-angle class. It attack with more back shots. Stats For Booster “Diep.io Booster Tactic“ Health Regen to 4 pick Max Health to 2 pick Body Damage

Diep.io Bullet Penetration Update, Tweak

Diep.io Bullet Penetration What happens to my bullets? Bullet penetration is bullet health Before: Bullets always deal their entire damage, even if they had little health life. After: Bullets now deal a proportional amount of damage if they’re about to die while

Diep.io Domination Mode

Diep.io Domination Mode Guide Domination: The competition between the two teams, powerful guns that will destroy any enemies nearby.This is the first game with a win condition, so it’s not completely polished yet. Red vs Blue teams aim to get enemy

Diep.io Auto Fire Update

Diep.io Auto Fire Guide You can say stop to hand pain with this diep.io update Press [E] to on/off diep.io auto fire You’ll see on the screen ON or OFF notification What can i do with this? 1- Kill others