Diep.io Auto Fire Update

Diep.io Auto Fire


  • You can say stop to hand pain with this diep.io update
  • Press [E] to on/off diep.io auto fire
  • You’ll see on the screen ON or OFF notification


What can i do with this?

1- Kill others without using mouse click or space click.

2- Only look directions and use w-a-s-d or arrow keys.

3- You can go around the corner if you want to be AFK.

10 Responses to Diep.io Auto Fire Update

  1. Elizabeth says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Muhammed says:


  3. milos.io says:

    mogu li hakovati

  4. chris says:

    pls pls pls give me the hack

  5. Redson says:

    große bequemlichkeit

  6. emmanuel says:

    bueno para ser pro en el juego

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