Diep.io Annihilator Tank Guide

diep.io annihilator

Diep.io Annihilator Tank, Class


  • It requires 45 levels.
  • It upgrades from Destroyer.
  • The tank’s tier is 4.
  • It is a member of the destroyer class and has a circular shape with a huge barrel-like a destroyer tank in Diep.io.
  • Annihilator has a barrel which is the biggest barrel in the game. For example, its barrel is bigger than Destroyer but it is smaller than Arena Closer.
  • Its bullets are the biggest bullets that have powerful bullet penetration and damage. In addition, these bullets have low bullet speed and reload features.
  • Bullet Penetration and Damage are multiplied by 10x (compared to normal tanks)
  • Reload is divided by 8x (compared to normal tanks)
  • Bullet Size is quadrupled (compared to normal tanks)
  • Bullet Speed is 1.5x slower (compared to normal tanks)
  • Recoil is multiplied by 10x (compared to normal tanks)
  • It has a high rebound level that pounds it back so you can use the barrel with turning in the opposite direction to accelerate your tank.



First “Diep.io Annihilator Tactic”

  1. Health Regen to 3 pick
  2. Max Health to 2 pick
  3. Body Damage to 0 pick
  4. Bullet Speed to 7 pick
  5. Bullet Penetration to 7 pick
  6. Bullet Damage to 7 pick
  7. Reload to 7 pick
  8. Movement Speed to 0 pick

With this selection, you can attack Diep.io sniper classes easily because you have powerful and strong bullets. You can gain more points compared to other classes because your bullets are more effective than Alpha Pentagons and normal Pentagons. Thus, you will acquire a lot of points and then you will enter the score list with ease.

Second “Diep.io Annihilator Tactic”

  1. Health Regen to 7 pick
  2. Max Health to 7 pick
  3. Body Damage to 7 pick
  4. Bullet Speed to 0 pick
  5. Bullet Penetration to 0 pick
  6. Bullet Damage to 0 pick
  7. Reload to 7 pick
  8. Movement Speed to 5 pick

With this selection, you can attack from next. You don’t need to attack from far but you need to use body damage which kills diep.io enemies with a single touch. However, there is a disadvantage that you will become prey to bullet spammers if you come across bullet spammers which are Gunner, Spread Shot, Triple Twin, and so on.

destroyerannihilatorLeft side: Annihilator – Right side Destroyer


You can rush to Sniper classes because they want to shoot you from a distance which is a disadvantage for them because Annihilator has a robust and effective bullet compared to sniper classes that are Ranger, Stalker, and so on. Moreover, the tank is slow and not flexible in the game. Therefore, players should be careful of the distance from enemies. If other tanks, which are Necromancer, Overlord, and other users of drones, close to your tank, it will be a problem for you because of movement speed. In addition, its bullets do not have enough reload time against drones. Alternative to this tank is the Diep.io battleship tank.

Strong against: Sniper, Ranger, Stalker, Streamliner, and Landmine.

Weak against: Necromancer, Overlord, Trapper, and other bullet spammers.

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  1. This post is a well-written guide showing us how the tank works. Is it slow enough and not flexible in the game? Of course, in this case all players should be careful with the enemies.

  2. The stats are not reliable, bullet speed needs max, 7 pick damage and penetration is unnecessary and health needs a slight boost.

    1. Also its weakness is sniper, not strong against. Snipers can snipe your sides with high speed bullets and your bullet won’t have enough reload to block the shots. The annihilator is generally good against drone classes, it can destroy drones easily.

  3. No, Use Glass Cannon Build with Annihilator,
    even bullet spammers will be fucked,
    this thing can three-shot a fully maxed out HP smasher tree classes
    ur foes will run when they see you.

  4. this game is great, lots of time swished away, i have gotten on the leader board heaps. i am not lying but one of my friends got 1,000,000 score using the annihilator. which come down to my question. does anyone know of any good upgrading system to use for the annihilator

  5. beyler bu tank iyi guzelde bunla basari saglamak icin arkanızı kollayacak baska bir arkadasinizin daha olmasi lazım sizlen beraber oynayan

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