Diep.io Auto 5 Tank Guide

diep.io auto 5

Released as the “auto tank” in august 2016, this is a very effective tank that has been evolved ever since. Diep.io auto 5 tank is a replacement against the auto 4 tank, which was rather short, lived. This tank upgrades from the auto tank 3 as well as from the Quad tank and it may not further upgrade anymore and is the strongest tank of this series. The tank is powerful with its ability to shoot down multiple enemies at the same time and a preferred choice of many gamers. The following information about the Diep.io auto 5 tank would guide you while you play the game with this tank.

The Design Of Diep.io Auto 5 Tank

The tank is equipped with auto-turrets. It looks similar to Diep.io auto 3 tank but consists of extra two turrets. The turrets are placed on the circular body precisely at a 72-degree angle to each other. The tank id for this particular tank is 45 and it belongs to the tier four categories of the tanks. The 5 turrets can shoot at the same time and hence the design is very effective indeed against multiple enemies.

diep.io auto 5

Diepio Automatic 5 Tank Technical Guide

The tank is equipped with a locking mechanism similar to the dominator. The turrets are powerful and can easily aim at anything within sight. The turrets would be able to focus very precisely at any particular and would continue to aim even if there are other distractions. However, if the object approaching is rather aggressive, it would focus on it and prioritize it.

You can focus three of the turrets at the same time on one single enemy. The Diep.io auto 5 tanks are particularly effective against Slow ROF tanks and smasher or melee tanks. However, it is rendered weak against the sprayers and the triplets or similar long vision range tanks. Also, players liked the style of the Diep.io auto 5 tank because it is the most powerful tank in the game. Alternative to this tank is the Diep.io spread shot tank.

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