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Diep.io Spread Shot Tank Guide

As the name suggest, this tank has the ability to shoot multiple bullets at the same time simultaneously and in every direction. This is one of the upgrade choices that you have for the triple shot. Today, we are going to discuss about diep.io spread shot tank.

A tank that can be availed once you cross level 45; this is one of the most popular choices among the gamers who majorly focus on their shooting skill and fast movement for winning the game. Here we are going to guide you about the working of this game and the tank in particular. You can easily play the game when you have a thorough understanding of diep.io spread shot.

The Design Of Spread Shot

This diep.io tank belongs to the tier four categories of the tanks and the tank diep.io ID is 47. The weapons used by the tank are cannon and there are 11 cannon in all. This upgraded version of the triple tank shrinks the side cannons and adds eight more cannons to the triple shot. There are additional barrels covering the side most cannons.

diep.io spread shot

Technicalities Of Diepio Spread Shots

The upgraded version, which is the spread shot, would receive an addition of eight new barrels. The centermost barrel would remain the same size while the other ten divided, as five on each side would shrink gradually. While you are firing with this tank, the main barrel shoots first followed by the closest barrels.

Spread Shot Strategy

This kind of tank is string against the large enemy tanks and group attacks. Those diep.io tanks with low rate of fire like the drone and the melee tanks are rendered weak before this particular option. The diep.io tanks, which have heavy fire concentration like the triplet, sprayer, streamliner and many similar ones however cab, win easily against this. The tanks with higher penetration like diep.io penta shot too can prove to be deadly for this tank.

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