Diep.io Booster & Fighter Tank Guide

diep.io booster

Diep.io Booster Tank


  • It requires 45 levels.
  • It is a member of tri-angle class.
  • It attacks with more back shoots.

Stats For Booster

“Diep.io Booster Tactic”

  1. Health Regen to 4 pick
  2. Max Health to 2 pick
  3. Body Damage to 0 pick
  4. Bullet Speed to 6 pick
  5. Bullet Penetration to 6 pick
  6. Bullet Damage to 6 pick
  7. Reload to 7 pick
  8. Movement Speed to 2 pick

With this selection, you can attack with high damage and high penetration with good bullet speed also your health is good.

Diep.io Fighter Tank, Class


  • It requires 45 levels.
  • It is a member of tri-angle class.
  • It looks like a jet.
  • It attacks 5 different ways.

Stats For Fighter


“Diep.io Fighter Tactic”

  1. Health Regen to 2 pick
  2. Max Health to 2 pick
  3. Body Damage to 0 pick
  4. Bullet Speed to 7 pick
  5. Bullet Penetration to 7 pick
  6. Bullet Damage to 7 pick
  7. Reload to 7 pick
  8. Movement Speed to 1 pick

With this selection, you can attack from next. You don’t need to attack from far. Go and fight with him in a hot war. Alternative to this tank is the Diep.io manager tank.

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  1. Booster:

    Health Regen: 5
    Max Health: 7
    Body Damage: 7
    Bullet Speed: 0
    Bullet Penetration: 0
    Bullet Damage: 0
    Reload: 7
    Movement Speed: 7

    Best Rammer build in the game in my opinion.^

  2. Im happy when i am playing with this tank because it is a very effective tank in the game XD

  3. The best thing is that
    Health max
    Body damage max
    Max health max
    Speed 0
    Penetration 0
    Bullet damage 1
    Reload 4
    Movment max
    This technique is really use full i have killed 10 high people and was first on leaderboads i haved 436,000 points
    First blue was up then red became up this is a very usefull and good techqunies

  4. I recently found a new use for Fighter’s speed. I used it as a ram. My set up for fighter is: 5/7/7/0/0/0/7/7. The idea is that you can always catch your opponent my surprise, then ram into them, thus performing an instant kill. If the opponent fall back, chase him until you out run him. When charging against a drone controlling tank, change your course suddenly and through his drones off. Since you can out run both drone and any existing tank, and have extraordinary health, killing the opponent should be a snap even against the gunners and triplet. By the way, I am called Nimitz, and had killed over 20 max tanks in a Domination game. Anyone who views as me a worthy opponent can leave comments below discussing how to counter this new tactic.

      1. Sorry, I meant to say “That’s what I was thinking about. I’m going to try it”

    1. I recommend using this tactic. You’ll have to be a flank guard, in my opinion is the worst tank in the game, but once you become a booster you can just ram into players! 😀 It’s kinda weak against destroyers or hybrids.

    2. hey, dats a nice tactic but i think that the hybrid ones are better, if you use hybrid and ur upgrade method it should be even more OP as u hav movement speed + drones to do the work

    3. btw, i like ur evasive maneuvours. and u could prob spare a bit for bullet damage just in case

    4. Counter with 0/0/0/5/7/7/7/7. It works to fight against ramming boosters (I suggest using fighter for this tactic but you ca do booster if you want to).

    5. attack it from far away; get a high reload, high concentrated tank or fucking run cause thats all i got lol

    6. A triplet with full movement speed easily kills the booster

    7. Destroyer classes can 2-shot a Triangle-Rammer class. 1 If they are below at least 60% health

  5. My type is to chase down my enemy n block their bullets at the same time, also i want to move rlly fast n be a little buffed up Max Health:3,Health Regen:3 Movement Speed:7, Body Damage:0 the others is free of choice u can choose whatever u want with the rest of the stats

    1. No health regen is one of the worst things you can do. Never go without it CodeX-35A.

  6. Fighter with little health is kinda too risky for me and I’ve never tried fighting next to them before, not even with only 1 Movement Speed. My tactics: Health Regen 0, Max Health 7, Body Damage 0, Bullet Speed 5, Bullet Penetration 7, Bullet Damage 7, Reload 5, Movement Speed 2.

  7. the booster is my favourite tank because i have selected and used body damage to enemies

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