Diep.io Fallen Booster Guide

diep.io fallen booster

Diep.io Fallen Booster is the name of a boss that is AI-controlled and that had been incorporated during the update on the 20th of August. It gets an opportunity of spawning for between 10 and 13 minutes following the starting of the server and between 15 and 23 minutes following the destroying of the preceding boss.

Design And Behavior Of Diep.io Fallen Booster

The Diep.io fallen booster has a body of a circle of light gray having five Barrels. A single Barrel looks frontwards and does infinitesimal damage while the additional four stays paired up at the backside and do even less damage. In a nutshell, it is nothing but a greater type of playable Booster characterized by a grey-colored base & AI control. Angles among Diep.io fallen booster barrels circular from the forward-facing cannon happen to be 135 degrees, 15 degrees, 60 degrees, 15 degrees, & 135 degrees.

diep.io fallen booster

Whenever it takes the offensive route, it assaults by colliding against its target, much as a player-directed Booster making use of a Body Damage intensive build. “Diep.io fallen booster” never targets participants that are underneath level 15 except on being provoked first. In the event of the player surviving for two minutes or so, “Fallen Booster’ is likely to flout the target and launch an attack on a different tank that is in close proximity instead. At the time when there aren’t any valid players to be targeted, Diepio fallen booster is going to target the closest Polygon.

Diepio Fallen Boosters Stats

A large health pool that is of 3,000 characterizes it and this is the same for all bosses. The health regeneration of the Diep.io fallen booster is minuscule, much as that of a participant who hasn’t promoted that stat in any way. Its Bullet Speed is decent and its Penetration is high, while its damage is very low. It has recoil & speed that is like that of any Booster having max reload while no movement pace. It has a large field that is the closest to that of an Assassin’s. On not being attacked for over 30 seconds, it’s slowly regenerate its entire health. Alternative to this tank is the Diep.io fallen overlord tank.

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