Diep.io Defender Guide

diep.io defender

Diep.io Defender is a boss that is AI-controlled and that was incorporated in the game on the 23rd of August 2016. The Guard has an opportunity of spawning for between 10 and 13 minutes following the starting of the server, and between 15 and 23 minutes following the demise of the preceding boss.

Design And Technical Stats Of Diep.io Defender

The Diep.io defender is characterized by a red colored triangle as the body having three traps Launchers that are spaced evenly on both sides. Placed above the body in all the corners are three Auto Turrets.

As with every additional boss, “Diep.io Defender” features 3,000 HP, even if it has slow healing. Its launchers are characterized by a high reload, while its Auto Turrets are characterized by a typical fire rate. It has traps of normal sizes with a high level of penetration & damage. The way that Auto Turrets & bullets act ate like that of Auto 5, while having a lesser speed. The movement of the Diep.io defender is also very slow.

diep.io defender

More Stats Of Diepio Defender

Upon annihilation, it gifts 30,000 experiences as well as score points to the participant who deals with the eventual shot.

  • Whenever Diep.io defender tends to drift close to a wall, it will instantly change its trail for moving in a straight line with the wall.
  • It has auto-spin enabled passively.
  • It isn’t targeted by base protectors except when it provokes them with it having an effect on it.
  • As is the case with Arena Closers, it doesn’t slow down in any way on bumping into Polygons.
  • It is plagued with the recoil of its individual auto-turrets.

It is potent against Melee classes, Low DPS tanks, Drone classes, Spread classes, and the greater parts of Trappers.

Also, it is feeble against Assassin branch, High DPS, Streamliners, Predators, and additional focused RoF classes, Destroyer upgrades, Skimmers, and Overlords, on being off guard. There are many boss tanks in the Diep.io game and the Diep.io arena closer is another boss tank type.

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