Diep.io Mega Trapper Tank Guide

diep.io mega trapper

Diep.io mega trapper tank‘s id is 38 for this particular tank. This tank belongs to the tier four categories and is the upgraded version of the trapper.

 It has a single launcher and one of the upgrade choices that you have when you are upgrading from the trapper in level 45. This was added to the wide array of tanks in July 2016. However, there is no further upgrade available for this tank. As a user of the tank, you can easily plan your strategy based on the strength and weaknesses of the tank. Here we are going to provide you a guide to master the use of the mega trapper.

Design Of Mega Trapper Tank

This is a bigger version of the launcher and has a circular body. The mega trapper is larger and hence the movement speed is lower but it has also added to its strength. The mega trapper has stronger traps compared to the trapper. The sizes of the traps are also being increased in this upgrade.

diep io mega trapper

Technical Features Of The Tank

The traps are much larger than the older version but the speed has also been reduced proportionally. The damage rate of this tank is twice as much as the old trappers. The firing rates are also heavily decreased compared to the regular traps. However, the recoil rate of the mega trapper is higher than the trapper and hence can shoot to a greater distance. The recoil rate is however comparatively lower than the destroyer.

Strategy Suitable For Diep.io Mega Trapper

The main strength of this tank is observed when it is battling against other trapper classes. The tank is stronger against machine guns, melee classes, Penta shots, and spread shots as well if you use the tank properly. However, it is weak against destroyers and assassins, and even triplets.


  • It requires 45 levels.
  • It is a member of the trapper class.
  • Their bullets are strong, slow, and shooting with large triangles.
  • Bullet’s shooting range is too short.
  • Its bullets have more recoil than the Trapper class but less than the Destroyer.
  • The movement speed of Mega Trapper is very slow compared to other classes.
  • Many users often use this tank for defense.



First “Diep.io Mega Trapper Tactic”

  1. Health Regen to 2 pick
  2. Max Health to 1 pick
  3. Body Damage to 0 pick
  4. Bullet Speed to 7 pick
  5. Bullet Penetration to 7 pick
  6. Bullet Damage to 7 pick
  7. Reload to 7 pick
  8. Movement Speed to 2 pick

You will work for your team’s defense. With this selection, you can’t win one-to-one wars because Mega Trapper was created for defense by programmers.

Second “Diep.io Mega Trapper Tactic”

  1. Health Regen to 7 pick
  2. Max Health to 7 pick
  3. Body Damage to 7 pick
  4. Bullet Speed to 0 pick
  5. Bullet Penetration to 0 pick
  6. Bullet Damage to 0 pick
  7. Reload to 5 pick
  8. Movement Speed to 7 pick

With this selection, you can attack from next but you must be very careful your tank has still slow-moving. You don’t need to attack from far but you need to use body damage which kills enemies with a single touch. Alternative to this tank is the Diep.io mega destroyer tank.

This tank has been created for defense. The main task of Mega Trapper protects the main tank in the mothership mode because its bullets are big and strong. Enemies do not reach your mothership tank because its triangles block off access to the main tank.

Strong against: Tri-Angle and Booster

Weak against: All Tanks except Tri-Angle and Booster

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