Diep.io Fallen Overlord Guide

diep.io fallen overlord

Diep.io Fallen Overlord is the name of a boss that is AI-controlled and that has been put in on the 20th of August. It has the opportunity of spawning between 10 and 13 minutes following the start of the server, and between 15 and 23 minutes following the destroying of the earlier boss was destroyed. Its behavior is similar to that of Diep.io Summoner and Guardian.

Design Of Diep.io Fallen Overlord

Diep.io Fallen Overlord is a light grey colored circle having four trapezoid Spawners that are evenly spaced. It’s a precise visual facsimile of “playable Diep.io Overlord class,” though a great deal larger and having a grey color.

Its drones are going to target the tank that is the closest to them. It is not going to target players underneath level 15 except when it has been shot at first. On no tanks being in close proximity, it is going to target and terminate every polygon within range, which includes crashers and pentagons. The drones are going to cease launching attacks on the target in the event of going outside the range.

diep.io fallen overlord

Drones Of Diepio Fallen Overlords

Diep.io Fallen Overlord” has the habit of spawning grey-coloured drones with every passing second and this is a great deal speedier compared to the spawning rate of a standard overlord. However, its drones’ health pool is approximately 50 HP. The maximum number of drones that it can have out is 28 and its drones’ rapidity is akin to Diep.io Battleship’s protectors having max stats. On the diep.io Fallen Overlord dying, its drones are going to die together with it like all drone users.

Though this tank’s health pool is great at 3,000 health points its healing factor is slow. It reloads significantly faster compared to a Diep.io Overlord having utmost Reload Speed. On the other hand, it is discreetly slow and does not suffer any recoil. Alternative to this tank is the Diep.io fallen booster tank.

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