Diep.io Landmine Tank Guide

diep.io landmine

As the name suggests this is the type of tank that majorly belongs to the smasher group. Diep.io landmine is one of the three choices that you have when you are asked to select your tank at 45 levels. This tank belongs to the tier 4 categories and the tank id is 42 for this tank. The tank was added to the wide array of tanks available for the game on the July 31st update. The tank cannot be further upgraded. If you are playing diep.io with diep.io landmine tank then there are certain things, which you should know about it in order to ace the game.

Design Of Diep.io Landmine

The new design of the Diep.io landmine tank, which came into being on August 7th, has a hexagon shell that is overlapping the first one and it spins half as fast as the previous version. Before these upgrades were done, the landmine tank used to look very similar to the smasher. The design of the smasher however allows it to move faster than the landmine tank. On the other hand, the landmine tank is stronger than the smasher.

diep.io landmine

Diepio Landmine Strategy

There is no range of capabilities set for diep.io landmine tanks. It is meant only to damage smaller tanks like melee. The task is also similar to the smasher in this way. The tank also has the ability to become invincible when it is not moving at all and that is a feature that is new. This makes it similar to the stalker tanks as well.

Diep.io landmine tanks are strong against most of the unsuspecting tanks when it is invisible and also fatal to auto tanks, a sniper with a low range of reloading. The tank is however rendered weak against tanks from the triplet branch and body damage-based tanks. Alternative to this tank is the Diep.io triplet tank.

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