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Diep io is the name of an io game where the progression of a player is of extreme importance. The way that a player levels his/her tank determines the way he/she attacks his/her foes and the way he/she distributes his/her skill points.  A look at the real tank tree and you will know the way of getting the tank you desire by leveling properly. A player also has the option of custom tanks. Custom Tanks

Before we start discussing custom tanks it’s vital that a player uses the tank tree since you he/she is unable to downgrade his/her tank. The sole way of downgrading is to die. However, it is very unlikely that you would be keen on losing half of the experience that you have gained just for the reason that you had made an error. The finest way is the selecting of a tree for the development and then simply following the desired way. Wiki Is Placing Diepio Codes

For all of the players of this game who are not aware of what Fantasy Tank Builder happens to be, it is nothing other than a website that allows you to build as well as play by using your personal custom tanks. Just go ahead and visit this website. custom tanks

After you are done with the making of a tank make a click on “Export Tank” and follow up by copying and pasting the code on the game wiki thread page. You must also ensure that you include particulars, like the tier, that it is in, the time when it gets branched off, whether it is a boss tank, and all that. In addition, many players want to make increasing speed of the tank. Wiki Thread For Diepio Custom Tanks

You would do well by following some rules while placing a custom tank of yours on the game wiki thread page.

  • Never simply create a tank having reloaded 0, 100,000 damage barrels / of that kind. The game community is keen on seeing tanks that are creative!
  • As soon as a player posts he/she should create a blog post having the tank code and also put in a link that leads to his/her post on the game wiki thread page (he is better than the posting of codes straight onto this page since it occupies space.
  • In the event of you not making use of Fantasy Tank Builder you would do well by giving a clear explanation of what the custom tank does so that all members of the game community know and can use if needed.
  • It is better that you avoid making use of ideas custom tanks of other people and putting them on the game wiki thread page.

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