Diep.io Mounted Turret Tank Guide

diep.io mounted turret tank

Diep.io Mounted Turret tank appears in the 3rd tier of the 30th level of the game. It enables to the destruction of the other auto tanks.

Diep.io Mounted Turret tank was a Tier 3/Level 30 course that has been eliminated 10 minutes. It was a means to restrain Auto Turrets mounted to him along with a teammate while close such as Auto Trapper, Auto Gunner, and Auto Smasher This was possible by pressing on H similar to the controlling of the dominator.

Layout Of Diep.io Mounted Turret Tank

Upon seizing command, the display of the individual commanding the mounted turret would present their class’ name as”Lvl 30 Diep.io Mounted Turret”.

No Powerful Against or Poor Against because it’s all about the parent tank strengths and weaknesses are. Alternative to this tank is the Diep.io rocketeer tank.

diep.io mounted turret tank


In the event the parent tank comes with an Auto Gunner, take it precisely the same way as the parent’s tank is. Therefore attempt to awake that tank of any enemies it is FOV ought to be higher. By shooting in precisely the same way, it can boost the efficacy in RoF and DPS of the automobile Gunner, and it will deal damage and so is much better in blocking enemy fire.


In the event the parent tank happens to be an automobile Trapper, do the same with Vehicle Gunner, but when an enemy tank approaches, take it. SHOOT. Additionally, like the automobile Turret on the automobile Trapper, it ought to prioritize tanks everything else Crashers unless your parent tank has wellbeing and is weak.


  • Mounted Turret flame Bullets are more compact than tanks.
  • They’ve high Bullet Penetration because of their size but proceed marginally slower.
  • Diep.io Mounted Turret tank on the Auto Tanks can simply turn their cannons a particular complete angle.
  • This is the reason why you take control of distinct Turrets because you move your cursor across the tank.
  • If an item departs its angle scope, another turret will take over.
  • Exceptions are Mounted Gunners along with other tanks using uncontrollable mounted turrets since they can fire in any way.

When AI-controlled

  • The mounted Turrets will attack the nearest goal and then keep attacking it until it dies or moves out of scope.
  • The mounted Turrets prioritize Tanks over Polygons.
  • The mounted Turrets do not attack projectiles.
  • The diep.io mounted Turret tanks appear to prioritize the most competitive thing close to you. Example: There’s an Alpha Pentagon nearby, using a Crasher, and You’re from the Pentagon Nest. The mounted Turret will always attack the Crasher.
  • In-Game Modes with groups mounted Turrets won’t target players in your staff; they will just target gamers on the enemy groups. Though when a glitch happens causing the mounted Turrets to target a player the bullets will undergo the participant, as players don’t harm your team.

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