Diep.io Wiki 2018 Guide

diep.io wiki 2018

Online gaming can be a great way to entertain you. Out of all games, Diep.io has been topping the charts for a while now. You should play it once. When you look to know about the game through Diep.io wiki 2018, you would come to know how fun it is to play the game itself.

First of all, the basic motive of Diep.io is to kill and survive and earn points. Based on this motive, the developers laid the foundation of one of the most popular games on the internet nowadays. Even though the game is in 2D graphics, you would be surprised to know that people enjoy it more. The reason behind this is quite evident. The game provides you the thrill and excitement despite the graphics.

About Diep.io Wiki 2018

The rules of the game are basic. All the information you need to know about Diep.io is present in the Diepio wiki. Initially, you must know that the game is about shooting your opponents and earning points. The leaderboard of the points chart is the obvious winner of the game. The more opponents you manage to kill; the more points you earn. You are provided with a tank that shoots figures that are bullets. Through these figures, you manage to kill other players. Your consistency matters the most in the game. Try to eliminate as many players with your shooting abilities.

diep.io wiki 2018

What makes this game much more fun is the fact that you can enhance your weapons for more impact. You should know about the XP you gain through shooting others. This XP is responsible for upgrading your weapon as well as your shooting impact. As you know the game is strategic, you have to plan a method through which you can kill more opponents. Make sure you build your tank stronger so that you can compete at the higher levels of the game. Your tank is in the center of the gaming screen from where you need to shoot your opponents.

Diep.io Tanks List

    • Twin
    • Sniper
    • Machine Gun
    • Flank Guard
    • Triple Shot
    • Quad Tank
    • Twin Flank
    • Assassin
    • Overseer
    • Hunter
    • Trapper
    • Destroyer
    • Gunner
    • Tri-Angle
    • Quad Tank
    • Twin Flank
    • Auto 3
    • Smasher
    • Triple Twin
    • Battleship
    • Octo Tank
    • Auto 5
    • Triplet
    • Penta Shot
    • Spread Shot
    • Overlord
    • Necromancer
    • Manager
    • Overtrapper
    • Factory
    • Ranger
    • Stalker
    • Booster
    • Fighter
    • Hybrid
    • Annihilator
    • Skimmer
    • Rocketeer


The following points can be concluded through above-mentioned information:

  • Diep.io is one of those strategic action games with unlimited thrills.
  • You need to kill your opponents before they get you.
  • The more opponents you kill, the more points you can manage to get.
  • You can upgrade your weaponry through XP gained in the game.
  • Upgrading means a stronger tank with more accuracy to kill opponents.

With these points, you would understand the basic information mentioned in Diep.io wiki 2018. You should play the game to understand more about it. It would also give you a worthy experience.

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