Diep.io Skimmer Tank Guide

diep.io skimmer

This tank belongs to the tier four categories of tanks. The id of the skimmer tank is 59. Upgraded from the destroyer, the skimmer tank is one of the latest versions of the tanks, which you can opt for when you are playing Diep.io. This is another tank that you can opt for when you are crossing level 45. However, you cannot upgrade it further beyond this model. This particular guide would give you some insight and facts, which you should learn about in order to play Diep.io and Diep.io skimmer tank at ease.

Design Of Diep.io Skimmer

The design of Diep.io skimmer tank is very simple yet effective. Diep.io skimmer tank has a circular body and the cannon is a shorter version of the destroyer cannon that also looks like it is overlapping the machine gun cannon. The main feature of these cannons is that the bullets, which are being shot with the skimmer tank, have smaller cannons attached to their back.

Technical features

This particular tank is being used for shooting missiles and the bullets have two small cannons on them that shoot small bullets once they are released. This makes them way faster than the annihilator and the hybrid bullets. The bullets, which are launched from the tank, have half the strength of a destroyer bullet but it is as strong as a gunner bullet. The recoil percentage of this tank is rather small though it is a model based on Diep.io destroyer tank.

diepio skimmer tank class gameplay

Diep.io Skimmer Strategy

This is particularly strong against tanks with low DPS. The tanks like slow tanks, trappers, and area denial are also rendered ineffective against this tank. However, the destroyer branch, necromancers, and the fast melee tanks are effective against Diep.io skimmer tank. This tank is a useful choice for players who are not very adept with the game and still are mastering the use of the various cannons. Alternative to this tank is the Diep.io streamliner tank.

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