Diepioplay.com Diep.io Mods Version 4.0


Players who love to play tanks game have been playing diep.io. There are a lot of different tanks and tactics to gain more points and levels. Some players are using mods to ease playing of the game. Our new application which has different and new features was created is ready for you .The mod will be able to take dazzling and funny videos on YouTube so you can upload new videos for your diep.io YouTube stories.We recommend that you play “Diep.io“,”Diepio” with this mod and then you will see the advantages of this mod. You must disable other diep.io mods in your web browser. If you have installing or playing problem, you will contact us on our facebook page or webpage.

Diep.io Mods Aimbot 4.0

  • Features

    • Auto Spin (remember on respawn)
    • Aimbot
    • Dark theme
    • Team changer (link to change room and copy room code)
    • Kill counter
    • Time alive timer
    • Tank Upgrade Notification
    • Score Gain Notification (must be at least 200)
    • Auto-max Stats Notification
    • 4:3 aspect
    • Auto Respawn
    • Autofire (remember on respawn)
    • Remember Name and Settings
    • Warn on tab close/reload
    • Keyboard controls list

    * Updates are automatically applied when you reload diep.io page

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Q: Aimbot On/Off
  • ESC: Show/hide game options
  • Z: Toggle auto respawn
  • X: Toggle autofire
  • C: Toggle auto spin
  • V: Toggle dark theme
  • B: Toggle 4×3 aspect ratio
  • L: Toggle server & ping status (no need to hold down L)
  • Y: Toggle class tree (no need to hold down Y)

You must disable other diep.io mods in your web browser.


How to install user scripts? (You must have one)

Firefox and related browsers: Greasemonkey.


To make this script work on your Firefox browser, you need to enable Shadow DOM functionality first. To do so, open   about:config    page and set the value of    dom.webcomponents.enabled    to    true   

Google Chrome, Chromium, and related browsers: Tampermonkey.
Opera (version 15 and later): Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey.
Opera version 12 and earlier Violentmonkey more friendlier for you.



  1. Avatar

    How do I use it? I enabled it on tamperer monkey and I am on diep.io but nothing is diffrent.

  2. Avatar

    isnt working anymore. this sounds like a great mod but diep.io patched it Is there anyway u could fix this? Im on chrome and a window shows up that says “u are useing a modified version of this website. Cheating users will be permanently banned” Please fix

    • Avatar
      Moderator of diepioPlay.com on

      Diep.io is updating security system to prohibit our mods. We are working on this issue. Thank you!

  3. Avatar

    it works, its rarely make my diep io turn to black screen after appear dialog box from diep io itself please repair it

  4. Avatar
    Annonymous on

    Esse ai funciona?
    Porque o outro tava dando erro que o diepio identificava o hack então concertem isso

  5. Avatar

    it always give me the message you are using a modified client. and doesn’t let me play. this needs to be fixed

  6. Avatar
    cecchino7 on

    lo sviluppatore di diep.io è molto intelligente, perché quando la quota di sito web alcuni trucchi per quel gioco, li fisserà

  7. Avatar

    eu gosto de jogar diep.io evc nuca jogo jogue e bem legual beleza brigado falou e

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