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Below, we are going to discuss the subreddit for fantasy tank maker builds. It is mandatory for your post to have the specific code for the build of yours and you have the option of including a picture. All of you are requested to do a careful reading of the subsequent rules ahead of posting.

Intro To Tank Maker

It is vital that your posts consist of the code for the FTB tank of yours, and, if you would like, an image of it, as affirmed above. It is also mandatory that your code for the subreddit tank maker be legitimate.  You are requested to check it ahead of attempting to post. Not a soul is keen on null tank codes.

The Rule for Posting Codes

You must post tanks codes just in Pastebin, additional sites that do support the pasting of lengthy lines of wording or put in 4 spaces ahead of pasting the code of yours in your thread. This is for the prevention of code malfunctioning. You must check out the “Links” part at the “Codes Formatting clarified” link for further info. tank maker

You must never post any spam on this subreddit tank maker / threads that have no relation to it, since actions are going to be taken in opposition to that, giving rise to cautions/ even prohibition of the account of yours from this subreddit. Moreover, try to avoid the posting of useless threads.

Avoid harassing the additional users and if you are keen on criticizing their tanks, try to do this in a civil, reverent manner.

Never insult/bully the moderators, since it is going to add up as a caution or even a provisional ban. On it going excessively far, it could even be enduring. Try and not to promote your YouTube channels /any other variety of social media on the subreddit.

Never request any individual information openly in this subreddit (that consists of Facebook name, Skype IDs, etc.) If you’re keen on doing that, do so privately.

You must just converse in English. The use of any different language is not permitted. This is for keeping the complete subreddit understandable to all and sundry.


Never make any post exclusively on the subject of green shapes on subreddit tank creator. It could be your foremost time observing one. But the fact is that they are an eminent characteristic of FTB and aren’t really that unusual.

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