How To Use The Bots? bots

If you’re looking for the best way to play the game, you can use the bots or robots in order to play the game. The use of robots can help you move to the top of the leaderboards quite soon, provided you do not have very tough competitors. It is advisable that you use them for testing purposes, not for playing the game. Today we will talk about using bots and their features in detail.

Features Of Bots

There are a number of ways to hack the game, but if you take into use the bots, it will definitely help you to move to the top of the leaderboards quite soon. The reason is simple, you will not have to do anything while you use the bots. Your tank will be automatically controlled, and it will save itself quite efficiently from any kind of attacks, and the polygons, which appear while playing the game in a particular arena. There are various websites, where you can play the game with bots, and you can keep it on all the time, even if you are not at your home playing the game. bots

Using The Diepio Bots

If you want to use the bots, you will have to visit a particular website, where you can play the game. You cannot use hacks directly on the website of, as it is not possible practically. From time to time, you can also find that the websites are banned, and in such circumstances, you will have to keep on finding new ways new websites to use the robots from time to time. If you face with banned page because of the bot. Then, you should change your browser and reset your modem as soon as possible.

  • PRESS “TAB” Button to activate the color menu
  • Color Changer
  • Colorful Items
  • Aimbot
  • Fire Bot
  • Aim Settings
  • Auto Respawn
  • FPS

You must have one of the 3 plug-ins below depending on your browser

VirusTotal Scan: Bot

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