Diep.io Happy New Year Brings You Unlimited Fun

diep.io happy new year

The internet has been a place for gaming for years now. One of the most popular games, Diep.io happy new year brings you an opportunity to enjoy this coming year.

When you play this game online, you understand that Diep.io happy new year has a lot to offer. Just a 2-d game, Diep.io has gained popularity because of the addictive nature. You wouldn’t even realize when the time has passed. You need to kill others or be killed while you are playing the game.

Details About Diep.io Happy New Year

The addictive part of Diep.io is sculpted in the concept of it. You are going to have to shoot others with different shapes. You can shoot the shape anytime. While the shape gains XP, it would kill any opponent which comes near it. This game has a map in which you can see the progress and also your opponents. You can use your earned xp to upgrade your bullet guns, bullet speed, damage, and maximum hp. These factors would help you enjoy the game much more than any other action game.

diep.io happy new year

How To Play Diep.io

Playing Diep.io happy new year brings your excitement to a whole new level. The controls are very basic. You can move your tank using W, A, S, and D. You can also use the arrow keys to move. While you are moving, you can shoot using the left-click mouse button. The aiming is done through mouse movements. Wherever your cursor would go, your tank would aim in a similar direction. For those who have not yet played the game, start playing it now. Every 10 levels give you the option to modify the buildup of your tank.


Following things can be concluded through these points:

  • io is a 2D online game
  • You have to kill your opponents and save yourself from other people’s bullets
  • You can shoot bullets and track their movements on the map
  • You can also upgrade your tank after 10 levels
  • You have to achieve XP to upgrade other elements

The boss tank that everyone fears in the new year is Diep.io guardian. The game Diep.io happy new year gives you a good time when you feel bored. This game is addictive as most users have said so. You can play it over the internet anytime you want. Win the game and enjoy!

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