What Are The Characteristics Of Diep.io Guardian?

diep.io guardian

Diep.io guardian happens to be an AI maneuvered boss that has a possibility of occasionally spawning everywhere on top of the map. Till now, it’s been acknowledged to spawn in every single game mode, barring the Maze Mode. Below we find out more about this topic.

Design And Technical Facts Of Diep.io Guardian

The design/blueprint of the Diep.io guardian is different from any additional tank of the game. Its hull’s a great Diep.io crasher having a trapeze-shaped drone spawner at its backside. Diep.io guardian spawns all of the Crashers at a rate that’s insane. At any time any of its crashers get sliced, it’s substituted practically instantaneously. Such Diep.io crashers are going to pursue the participant just as Base Guardians. Guardian appears to be capable of having a greatest of 50 crashers that it commands. Having been locked on, they’re going to launch an attack on that very participant till it’s dead or not within range.

On the other hand, the triangles are going to fade away right on the Guardian getting killed, resembling the passing away if an Overseer. Upon annihilation, triangle drones never provide any Diep.io EXP. Even if these tanks are tough competitors for players, a good player can defeat every enemy without hassle. After destroying the enemies, it will be much easier for them to win as the first player on the leaderboard.

diep.io guardian

Diepio Guardian Stats

The health pool of it is as good as to Diep.io Landmine that has maxed out, despite the fact that it is incapable of regenerating physical condition. It is the possessor of an incredibly elevated reload, even if it does not have more than a single spawner. In addition, the speed ​​factor plays an important role in increasing the power of this tank. The pace and damage of Diep guardian look as if it is lower compare to an Overseer that’s maxed. With Diep.io polygons, you can strengthen your character against bosses.

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