Diep.io Branches Guide

diep.io branches

Are you aware of the Diep.io branches? Well, these are the game upgrades. There are certain levels that you need to reach for the upgrades. Levels 15, 30, and 45 give you the option for an upgrade. The Diep.io branches are generally upgrades of the game. You need to play until level 15 to reach the upgrade. When you reach Level 30, you can choose a second upgrade. At Level 45 you again get an option for upgrade.

The First Upgrade Of Diep.io Branches

The first upgrade of Diep.io branches at level 15 lets you upgrade your tank to Diep.io Twin, Sniper, Machine Gun, or Flank Guard. The twin lets you add the second cannon. However, this will decrease the bullet penetration and also reduces damage. The sniper will let you increase the bullet damage as well as the speed. However, it reduces the reload speed. If you choose the Machine gun this would enable the reload speed but tends to reduce the bullet damage on the other hand. The flank guard option lets you shoot in two directions by adding one small cannon at the back of the Diep.io tank.

diep.io branches

The Level 30 And Level 45 Upgrades

There are a lot of different Diep.io branches in the game. On reaching level 30 and then 45 you can choose the upgrade depending on the basic upgrade that you chose at level 15. At level 30 the Twin can upgrade into Triple Shot, Quad Tank, or the Twin Flank according to your choice of an upgrade at level 15. The Sniper can be upgraded into Overseer, Assassin, Hunter, or Trapper. The Machine Gun can be upgraded into the Destroyer, Gunner, or Sprayer. The Flank Guard can be upgraded to Twin Flank, Quad Tank, Tri-Angle, or Auto 3.

If you chose a basic tank until level 30, you can upgrade to Smasher and it can be upgraded to Landmine at level 45. You can further upgrade to Auto Smasher, which adds an Auto Turret on top of the Smasher’s body. Happy gaming! The most played game mode by the players is Diep.io team deathmatch mode.

Diep.io Tanks List

    • Twin
    • Sniper
    • Machine Gun
    • Flank Guard
    • Triple Shot
    • Quad Tank
    • Twin Flank
    • Assassin
    • Overseer
    • Hunter
    • Trapper
    • Destroyer
    • Gunner
    • Tri-Angle
    • Quad Tank
    • Twin Flank
    • Auto 3
    • Smasher
    • Triple Twin
    • Battleship
    • Octo Tank
    • Auto 5
    • Triplet
    • Penta Shot
    • Spread Shot
    • Overlord
    • Necromancer
    • Manager
    • Overtrapper
    • Factory
    • Ranger
    • Stalker
    • Booster
    • Fighter
    • Hybrid
    • Annihilator
    • Skimmer
    • Rocketeer

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