Diep.io Guardian Of The Pentagons

diep.io guardian

Diep.io guardian of the pentagons, or Diep.io guardian, is the name of a Boss that is AI-controlled and has a n opportunity of spawning between 10 and 14 minutes following the starting of the server and about 15 and 24 minutes following the demise of the preceding Boss. It speedily fires out Crashers at all players above level 15 except for being provoked within its range. This has been incorporated on August the 18th, 2016.

Diep.io Guardian Design & Technical Stats

It is characterized by a great pink-colored triangle that appears similar to an incredibly great Crasher as the body. The tank is also characterized by a petite, trapezoidal Spawner that’s mounted at the backside and which spawn Crashers.

The Diep.io guardian spawns six Crashers with every passing second with every one of them having approximately 50 HP. It could have an utmost of 24 such Crashers about. Crashers are going to be in pursuit of the foremost player above level 15 that it gets locked onto except when the player has moved outside the Diep.io guardian’s range or has been destroyed.

diep.io guardian

Diep.io guardian’s rapidity and damage are approximately identical to that of a maxed Overseer. Crashers survive for approximately 10 seconds ahead of despawning. Crashers happen to also be as petite as that of the Motherships. At the moment of the death of the tank, its Crashers also meet their death together with it like that of Overseer’s Drones. Diep.io guardian is not going to target unseen players /or players below level 15 except on being provoked.

More Stats Of Diepio Guardian

It boasts 3,000 health points and is slow in regenerating its heath. It is also characterized by a high Reload, though with just a single Spawner. Even as its Movement Speed is slow it increases significantly when this tank fires Crashers. The reason for this is its recoil. It has a FOV that is somewhat greater than that of the hunter. On destruction, it rewards 30,000 experiences & scores points to that participant who had killed it.

It’s Strong against Feeble tanks, tanks featuring low penetration, and ramming builds. It’s Weak against Penta Shots, High DPS, Octo Tanks, Spread Shots, Sprayers, Triplets, Overseer or Sniper tree, and Destroyer tree.With the Diep.io guardian tank, you can take a look at the Diep.io happy new year features.

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