Diep.io Mega Destroyer Tank Guide

diep.io mega destroyer tank

The diep.io game is gaining extreme popularity. Diep.io Mega Destroyer tank is one of the strongest developed tanks that have helped in killing and making the game more fun.

Diep.io Mega Destroyer Tank

The Diep.io Mega Destroyer tank (commonly named by the Lovers since the Better Destroyer) was at the game Through its First Phase, Updating in the Machine Gun II.

It has the exact same appearance as the Destroyer but has been updated. If the Gunner premiered it had been eliminated along with the Machine Gun II. It might have turned into an enthusiast in Penetration Bullet Damage, Bullet Speed, and recoil. It looked like the Destroyer

Strong Against: Melee Courses, slow-moving tanks, many miniature tanks in a brief selection.

Weak Against: Snipers, proficient Drone users, & Higher RoF Tanks (Including the Triplet).

diep.io mega destroyer tank

Using Diep.io Mega Destroyer Tank

It could be utilized in the exact same manner as the Diep.io mega destroyer tank, though if it did really receive a fan in Bullet Damage, Penetration, Speed, and recoil, then it might use the excess push to escape out of a Mega Destroyer vs Destroyer conflict, in addition to killing normal mega destroyers simpler and to combat rammers, even though rammers were poorer back then employing the excess harm and Penetration. Extra Bullet Speed could be significant in combating with Diep.io tanks such as bullet spammers, which the Destroyer division that is recent is weak to. Snipers would be effective against it.

Additionally, unexpected tanks are a fantastic approach, as doing so often gives a fantastic opportunity to hit an opponent in battle. Once an opponent is creating chase, the Destroyer can go from range then whenever the enemy reappears it could start a bullet. It may do this off-screen. Before updating to the Mega Destroyer by murdering rammers then the Destroyer could use Bullet Penetration and its Bullet Damage. Extra recoil might be utilized in teasers, then getting. When they’re pursuing it to let it hit the enemies simpler Speed may assist the Holy Destroyer.

Against Diepio Mega Destroyer Tanks

Employing a ranged course such as the Ranger, Stalker, or Assassin may be a fantastic approach against, basically, a more powerful Destroyer, since these tanks may shoot them out of off-screen. Maximize Bullet Speed, therefore ranged bullets could”ghost” via a Destroyer course’ bullets so ranged classes can deal a great deal of damage to the Destroyer without no seeing the ranged course, or even taking damage. Assessing even a Destroyer or a Destroyer involves murdering it quickly kill the attacker or flee conflict if needed and the Mega Destroyer may utilize its recoil to grab.

Another workable plan is to use a tank that may use Invisibility. This might help crush it using the agile and rapid drones of the Manager, or merely use a Landmine to kill the Holy Destroyer immediately and easily using the Stalker and then await them to run right into it. Alternative to this tank is the Diep.io mega trapper tank.

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