Diep.io Tanks, Classes; Updates & Levels

diep.io tanks

Diep.io Tanks, Classes

Tanks and Features
Machine Gun Minigun Mode, reloading is fast against other same levels (15 Level)

Gunner 4 mini shots. It has 4 and small bullets (30 Level)

Destroyer You can kill enemy tanks with one shoot needing a high damage level (30 Level)
Unnamed Destroyer 1 Big Ball, and back shot like a rocket (45 Level)

Sniper Normal Sniper Attacker. You also get a zoom option. (15 Level)

Assasin Bigger sniper, it fires bigger balls. (30 Level)
Stalker It looks like Assassin but it has the invisible feature. (45 Level)
Ranger It looks like Assassin again but it has more zoom range. (45 Level)

Hunter Double or more sniper shots such as too many balls. (30 Level)

Overseer Triangle Attacker, Triangles follow your mouse and it attacks enemies (30 Level)
Overlord More triangles attacks to enemies with high damage feature (45 Level)
Necromancer It attacks with yellow boxes to enemies but yellow boxes have low health (45 Level)
Manager This is the Stalker version of overseer. It has an invisible feature. (45 Level)

Flank Guard 2 way shooter. You can guard your back easily. (15 Level)

Tri-Angle 1 front, 2 cross way attack. (30 Level)
Booster More back shots with 5 balls. (45 Level)
Fighter It looks like a jet, plane, or human body. It has 2 back, 2 sides, 1 front shot. (45 Level)

Twin Flank double two different sides attacking. (30 Level)
Triple Twin 3 twin shoots symmetrical way. (45 Level)

Quad-Tank Four different cross side attacking. (30 Level)
Octotank Eight different cross side attacking. (45 Level)

Twin You attack harder than same levels (15 Level)

Triple Shot 3 different way attacking. (30 Level)
Triplet  Three front side bullets. (45 Level)
Pentashot It has powerful and wide range bullet attacking. (45 Level)


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Diep.io Upgrades

1.Health Regen – You only regenerate health.
2.Max Health – You can take more bullets.
3.Body Damage – You ram into an enemy with your body power.
4.Bullet Speed – Increases bullets fly to enemies.
5.Bullet Penetration – Enemies your bullets can pass through at a time and boxes.
6.Bullet Damage – Damage each bullet hitting.
7.Reload – Firing speed, more bullets
8.Movement Speed – How fast you move.


Diep.io stats will help your tank to become a Diep.io best class.

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  1. Now that diep.io has mods, i can download some and have cool tanks! I think i will only use mods in sandbox with friends to have some modded fun without being hackusated… also is the gunner with auto-twin-turret from a mod?

  2. Make a make yor own tank it lets u pause the game and add a weapons or a power up if u want more people to play

  3. Ӏt’s an awesome paragrаph for all the web people; they wilⅼ take
    adᴠantage from it I am sure.

  4. what gun is the crasher because on maze map it says that crashers can go through walls

    1. crashes are those pink triangles, they will smash any player they see. They are not in the tank map.

  5. Thɑnks fоrr finaⅼly talking about >Diep.io Tаnks,
    Classes; Updates & Levels – Diep.io Play, Mods, ᕼacks, Cheats,Tanks, Claѕses
    & Guide <Loved it!

  6. Hello to all, it’s really a good for me to pay a visit this website, it includes useful

  7. it would be very good if you would add a octo 5 where there are 5 octo tanks big one in the middle and four around it so it would be great if you add it to diep.io 😀 please add it 🙂 if not then 🙁 D:

  8. The tanks sheets have helped but they’re not all on there at least not ones that ive seen

  9. i use to be the normal tank in the game i was so op i that i am going on a roll the upgrade i use is max bullet speed max penetration max reload max bullet damage

    1. You forgot the new classes, Part of the July 31st update (Trapper, Mega Trapper, Tri-Trapper, and Gunner Trapper), the August 1st update (Auto Gunner), and the August 2nd update (unnamed Flank Guard tank, Auto Tank).

  10. i use to be the normal tank in the game i was so op i that i am going on a roll the upgrade i use is max bullet speed max penetration max reload max bullet damage

  11. The last tank upgrade of the Flank Guard route, the Fighter. It’s the one that has 5 guns and has a shape of what looks like a star. I really want the developers to make new tactics for it, I use it a lot. My tactics for it are sometimes risky on the battlefield but it’s best at mid-range, in my opinion. Also deadly against small units.

  12. Русская версия

    Diep.io Upgrades
    1.Health Regen – Вы только восстанавливаете здоровье
    2.Max Health – Вы можете принять больше пуль в свой танк
    3.Body Damage – Сила вашего танка,можете идти на таран
    4.Bullet Speed – Скорость полёта пули
    5.Bullet Penetration – Ваши пули пролетят через несколько объектов
    6.Bullet Damage – Урон пули
    7.Reload – Скорость стрельбы,больше пуль
    8.Movement Speed – Скорость передвижения танка

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