Diep.io Tri-Trapper Tank Guide

diep.io tri-trapper

Diep.io tri-tapper tank once again belongs to the tier 4 categories of the tanks. Diep.io tri-trapper has been upgraded from the trapper and is equipped with 3 launchers.

This is one of the five upgrade choices that you are offered in level 45 when you are upgrading your trapper tank. However, this tank cannot be upgraded further. The users of the Diep.io tri-trapper tank can often have confusion regarding the various functions of the tank. You can easily master the working of the tank with the relevant guides and we are going to provide you some vital information, which would help you ace the game.

The Design Of Diep.io Tri-Trapper

Diep.io tri-trapper features a circular base and has three evenly spaced out launchers attached to it. The launchers are placed in a similar manner when you compare the design with the triple twin cannons. The design is convenient for shooting multiple enemies at the same time in all directions and you can easily win against the odds with this.

diep.io tri-trapper

Upgraded from the trapper, this is a better version in many ways. There are several advantages of this tank compared to the trapper. The first and foremost advantage is the multiple attack option that you get. The lifespan of this tank is more compared to the trapper since it has multiple traps. This is similar to the trapper dominator but the dominator has eight launchers and not just three.

Diepio Tri-Trapper Strategy

Diep.io tri-trapper tank is strong against a number of other tanks like the Ram build, low ROF tanks, and those tanks with lower DPS. However, it is rendered rather weak against the ROF tanks, destroyer branch tanks as well as snipers if you are caught unaware during the game. The gamers can rely on these tabs for managing multiple attacks but should be constantly vigilant in the mini-map. Alternative to this tank is the Diep.io auto trapper tank.

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