How to Fix Lag Problem? lag

 How to Minimize Lag? is the most popular tank game compared to whole io games. There are a lot of different branches of tanks that you can select freely. You can develop your tank capability with special skills. However, you can see a lot of players in the same server, and then it may lead to an increase in lag percentage. At the moment, many players are complainant about this problem. You can find some solutions to decrease the lag problem in the game.

1- lag occurs in the game due to antivirus software. Therefore, you should disable antivirus and other scanner software when you are playing because it uses your computer CPU too excessively.



2- You should use Google Chrome for the highest performance and minimizing lag. Utilize incognito window to increase performance compared to normal Google Chrome window. (CTRL + SHIFT + N)



3- When you open a new incognito window, you should open Windows Task Manager and then set priority level tı high by right-clicking. Thus, the CPU usage will give weight to chrome working rather than other processes.



4- The basic solution is deleting previous browsing data, these are cookies and histories that are coming from your visits to other websites.

How to clear my history?
1- Open your browser
2- Go to settings
3- Clear Cache
4- Clear History
5- Restart Browser


These solutions are the best options to minimize your Diepio lag and then you will play without lag. The most important feature is your computer and network quality rather than other reasons. Some players lose their points because of lag problems. When you are trying those, the satisfaction of the game will increase. If you have any further information about fixing lag, you can contact our Facebook page or contact information page on our website.

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  1. No se como hago para poner un disablin controlador y todo eso lo que dice para jugar Sandbox ?????

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