• Diep.io Tanks & Classesdiep.io booster

    Diep.io Booster & Fighter Tank Guide

    Diep.io Booster Tank Guide It requires 45 levels. It is a member of tri-angle class. It attacks with more back shoots. Stats For Booster “Diep.io Booster Tactic” Health Regen to 4 pick Max Health to 2 pick Body Damage to…

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  • Diep.io Guidediep.io bullet penetration

    Diep.io Bullet Penetration Update, Tweak

    Diep.io Bullet Penetration What happens to my bullets? Diep.io bullet penetration is bullet health. Before: Bullets always deal their entire damage, even if they had a little healthy life. After: Bullets now deal a proportional amount of damage if they’re about to…

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  • Diep.io Guidediep.io domination

    Diep.io Domination Mode

    Diep.io Domination Mode Guide Diep.io Domination Mode: The competition between the two teams, powerful guns that will destroy any enemies nearby. This is the first game with a win condition, so it’s not completely polished yet. Red vs Blue teams…

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  • Diep.io Guidediep.io auto fire

    Diep.io Auto Fire Update

    There are many different online video games. You can easily play them by going to the respective website. You can play them in multiplayer mode. The diep.io game is being constantly updated. Here we are going to share some advantages…

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  • Diep.io Tanks & Classesdiep.io ranger

    Diep.io Ranger Tank Guide

    Diep.io Ranger Tank Guide It requires 45 levels. It is a member of the assassin class. Its attack powerful and good penetration It gives you more zoom than an assassin. Stats First “Diep.io Ranger Tactic” Health Regen to 1 pick…

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  • Diep.io Tanks & Classesdiep.io octotank

    Diep.io OctoTank Guide

    Diep.io OctoTank Guide It requires 45 levels. Its bullets go 8 different ways It gets too many points in the middle of enemies. You can kill 8 players at the same time. Stats First “Diep.io OctoTank Tactic” Health Regen to…

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  • Diep.io Tanks & Classesdiep.io stalker

    Diep.io Stalker Tank Guide

    Diep.io Stalker Tank, Class Guide It requires 45 levels. It is the highest member of the sniper class. It is advantageous against the enemy with a stealth feature. If the power of damage is high, it gains two or three fatal…

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  • Diep.io Tanks & Classesdiep.io necromancer

    Diep.io Necromancer Tank Guide

    Diep.io Necromancer Tank Guide It requires 45 levels. You have yellow blocks which attack to enemies with body damage. The necromancer class sees a forward distance than other tanks. You can duplicate your yellow boxes on the easy way which is…

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  • Diep.io Tanks & Classesdiep.io gunner

    Diep.io Gunner Tank Guide

    Diep.io Gunner Tank Guide It requires 30 levels. It throws powerful, fast, and small bullets to enemies. The small bullets sometimes make it powerless against some tanks. Need to fire equal amounts of left and right sides because it has…

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  • Diep.io Guidediep.io minimap updating

    Diep.io Minimap Updating

    The minimap is the crucial feature of the game. There are many different features associated with the game. Diep.io is a very popular game. You can also update the minimap whenever there is an option to do so. Today, we…

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