Diep.io Tanks & Classes

  • diep.io auto trapper

    Diep.io Auto Trapper Tank Guide

    A tank that belongs to the tier four categories with the tank ID 49, Diep.io auto trapper tank is a perfect choice for experienced players. This tank has a launcher and auto-turrets together for weapons. The players of the Diep.io…

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  • diep.io tri-trapper

    Diep.io Tri-Trapper Tank Guide

    Diep.io tri-tapper tank once again belongs to the tier 4 categories of the tanks. Diep.io tri-trapper has been upgraded from the trapper and is equipped with 3 launchers. This is one of the five upgrade choices that you are offered…

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  • diep.io auto smasher

    Diep.io Auto Smasher Tank Guide

    The tank id for the Diep.io auto smasher tank is 54 and it belongs to tier 4 of the game. The tank has been upgraded from the smasher tanks as well and is the latest update for these tanks. This…

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  • diep.io class guide

    Diep.io Class Guide Info

    Diep.io comprises several tiers. The tiers are also known as the levels or stages of the game. Based on the levels of the game, you will find the tanks. The tanks have different colors. Today, we are going to discuss…

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  • diep.io triple twin

    Diep.io Triple Twin Tank Guide

    Diep.io is one of the most popular games that are being played worldwide. The tanks that you can use here have several different designs and functions.  Today, we are going to give you some insight into the Diep.io triple twin…

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  • diep.io streamliner

    Diep.io Streamliner Tank Guide

    Diep.io streamliner tank has been upgraded from the hunter and belongs to tier 4. The tank id is 48 and this is the latest design that cannot be further upgraded. The Diep.io players often opt for this particular tank when…

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  • diep.io skimmer

    Diep.io Skimmer Tank Guide

    This tank belongs to the tier four categories of tanks. The id of the skimmer tank is 59. Upgraded from the destroyer, the skimmer tank is one of the latest versions of the tanks, which you can opt for when…

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  • diep.io spread shot

    Diep.io Spread Shot Tank Guide

    As the name suggests, this tank has the ability to shoot multiple bullets at the same time simultaneously and in every direction. This is one of the upgrade choices that you have for the triple shot. Today, we are going…

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  • diep.io auto 5

    Diep.io Auto 5 Tank Guide

    Released as the “auto tank” in august 2016, this is a very effective tank that has been evolved ever since. Diep.io auto 5 tank is a replacement against the auto 4 tank, which was rather short, lived. This tank upgrades…

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  • diep.io starter tank

    Facts About Diep.io Starter Tank

    If you are fond of playing the game Diep.io, you should know about the details of the game. You should definitely know the different tanks, which are available in the game. Knowing it will definitely help you to be successful…

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  • diep.io bosses

    Accounts Of Two Diep.io Bosses

    To date, there’s been no more than boss-like units in Diep.io, namely, Guardian of the Diep.io pentagons, Summoner, Diep.io fallen tanks (Fallen Overlord & Fallen Booster), and Defender. These had been secretly put into the game and had not been revealed…

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  • diep.io factory

    Diep.io Factory Tank, Stats & Guide

    Diep.io Factory Tank It requires 45 levels. Diep.io factory tank upgrades from Overseer. The tank’s Diep.io grade is 4th. The tank has a rectangle form with one barrel. Specifically, the barrel’s name is Diep.io minion spawner. The barrel produces to hold…

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